Travelling northwards through the night

Heading to a Scotland

Of forbidding mountains, and poetry,

And sea; home to me, of course,

But to one whom I love

A place of unknown and unpronounceable names;

May the rain that will surely greet us

Be gentle; may the sky over Ardnamurchan

Allow a glimpse of islands, of Coll, perhaps,

Or Tiree; may she encounter kindness

And the things that kindness brings;

My wishes for her, now, the one I love,

As we travel northwards through the night.

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Gedicht uit "The Dog Who Came in from the Cold." van Alexander McCall Smith. Foto genomen op het terras van the Skye Inn, op het Isle of Skye.

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Stein Inn ? Of was het f*c*k*ng Brighton Beach ?

Cheers !


Gepost door: Johan | 18-05-11

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Stein Inn, inderdaad...ik wist dat r iets fout zat...

Gepost door: Rick | 18-05-11

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